febr. 2020                         solo expo, De Fabriek, Zaandam

        oct. 2019           100% VROUW, de Grote Kerk, Alkmaar

         sept. 2019   teaser 100% VROUW, gallery PlayRoom,


        sept. 2019                                              Tengel festival, Zaandam

         jun. 2019                                                     Zaans Groen, Zaandam

        jun. 2018                             expo NAU, Loods 6, Amsterdam

         mrt.2020                          solo expo, De Fabriek, Zaandam

         nov. 2019                                  gallery PLAYRoom, Zaandam

         nov.  2019                                                        De Fabriek, Zaandam

        sept. 2019                                          TENGEL festival, Zaandam         

THE WORK by GEA van der ZAAG has the character of a scale model of fantasized and imaginary forms and buildings. They are architectural, geometrical, abstract and graphic forms in an environment of ‘mismatched perspectives’  A new world is created of spaces, shapes, settings and thoughts like  that of a city or a décor.

The inspiration for the works lies in fragments of architecture collected from books, the internet and the environment. These fragments serving as a starting point, Gea draws spaces and creates a new depth and perspectives with lines. Spatial elements are always added.  It stems from the curiosity to discover what is behind the shape, moreover, what a form does when it literally finds itself in space.

Gea’s fascination for architectural designs arose during an extended stay in Izmir (Turkey) in 2015. There, Gea lived for 3 months in a metropolis among towers, residential high-rises and apartment blocks. This fascination has continued to linger because of her recurring interest in anything that has been built.







The work by Umit Catak consists of still life photography that has been built up in the studio, inspired by the classic still life. Umit assembles objects based on shape and colour that are interesting for his concept. The compositions of the assemblages are compiled and built up from different themes, materials and forms. Moreover, he designs his own objects based on this concept.

Umit experiments with light and composition, looking in detail at the image in which clarity and contradiction are central. The tension created by the combination of different materials is an important aspect.

For example, in the 'no statement here' series, only plastic material is central.

As the name suggests, it is not a statement or any reference to the current major environmental issues. The essence is to draw awareness to the versatility of the colours and shapes of plastic utensils that are undervalued in our daily lives.

Both digital and analogue techniques are used.







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